Who is Peter Kemp?

I am Peter Kemp, a 28 year old amateur programmer. Pekempy is my online handle.

I've spent a significant amount of my free time learning programming languages and I enjoy making programs which can improve my quality of life by making repetitive tasks easier.

Picture of Peter Kemp

Pete Kemp

Amateur Developer

Beginning with a spaghetti-code java pIRC Bot for IRC with friends, I gained an interest in programming from around the age of 14. I studied at college and mainly used Python. From there I ventured into OOP with C#, and then some Xaml. I have re-made this website a few times so have picked up HTML, PHP, and CSS while doing so.

Beverley, East Yorkshire

Where I'm From

East Yorkshire, England

I grew up in Beverley and Hull, in East Yorkshire. I went to Hull University to study Computer Science, however it wasn't the right path for me. I am currently teaching myself more about multiple languages such as C#, HTML, xaml, and more. I moved to London when I was 23, and enjoyed a whirlwind time seeing West End shows, as well as meeting my partner; however moved back up to Hull when I was 26.


School - Beverley Grammar School
A prestigious and ancient school with fantastic results, good teachers, and an all-round great environment.
College - Hull College
I studied a BTEC in IT here and obtained very good results all round, particularly in Creative Media.
University - University of Hull
I achieved a HNC in Computer Science from Hull University, but decided I did not want to continue the degree as it didn't fit my style of learning.


I'm currently working in IT Support for Paymentsense which is a financial tech company that operates card payment services for small and medium businesses. We also provide e-commerce payment services, and the chip and pin machines used in stores. Head office is in London, however I am based in the Hull office. My day to day duties include ensuring the smooth running of all the agents and systems they use, maintaining the offices systems and troubleshooting when things go wrong.


Gaming, Reading, TV, Nature

In my spare time, my hobbies generally revolve around my computer, which I built myself. Whether it's PC Gaming, learning more programming, listening to music, or watching YouTube and Twitch videos.

I also enjoy watching films and TV shows as well as, when I can be torn away from the computer screen, going for walks in greener environments, and when none of those, I love to disappear into a book.


At home in Hull, I've got my partner, Dan, who is my rock, as well as two adorable cats. The first cat we got, we initially were told was male, and when we were corrected by the vets, panicked and called her Kitty. She's an all-black bombay cat. Her "brother", Alfie, we got about a year later. He couldn't be any sweeter if he tried. Unlike most cats he loves a cuddle and will purr his head off the entire time. A lot of people say he's more like a dog than a cat. We also got our romanian rescue dog, Rou, who has been an incredible support during hard times during lockdown for COVID-19.