My Portfolio

Here are my projects in reverse chronological order.

The majority of my projects will be listed on GitHub unless they are not open source. In this case, if possible, I will attach the executable or a link to it here.

Title Description
NFO Builder Create NFOs for Theatre Shows for use in Plex. As there are no metadata scrapers for Musical/Theatre/Ballet performances, I wanted a way to be able to create NFO files easily so that the streams which were shown online due to COVID-19 and others can have the full range of metadata including actor headshots for the casts. As nothing existed to do this, I created it in C++ and Qt, and have deployed it as a Windows exe, Linux AppImage, and MacOS dmg. Visit A friend asked me to create a website for his new business, after discussions I created I helped him come up with the logo, colour branding, and the design of the website. I will also be maintaining it when he requires changes. Visit
CSS Tweaks A series of CSS tweaks created for use with Stylus browser extension to give a dark theme. Click the button on the right to go to a page which shows all of these. Visit
(WIP) Breeze v2 I wanted to recreate Breeze with more MVVM compliant standards, and more colour customisation options now that MDIX has updated. I've kept track of this on Trello and it is nearing completion once again. Visit
Call Rebuilder (work project) In our call center, the calls were stored as a silent .avi file and a .vox file, the .vox cannot be played in VLC media player, so we had to convert the calls, however this was troublesome as the video and audio were then separate. I created this program to easily merge audio and video together, and also a way to extract audio from the video after merging. This allows the calls to be sent to clients in case of complaints. Visit
New Starters (work project) I wanted to streamline the creation of new starters at my workplace, so I created this to track each new starter through the process of creating their accounts in different systems. Each section has a header so I know what to do next for each person, and then the output is a table which I can send to the new persons manager with their initial login details, and SQL code that can be ran to insert their logins for one final system. Visit
Breeze Breeze was my first big project. My goal was to create a game launcher for Windows which loosely followed Google's Material Design guidelines. The main objectives I wanted to achieve were: Material Design, Theming customisation, Filtering by genre, Centralised library Visit
Remove Duplicates A very simple program I threw together for a colleague, he received data to load with 40,000 records, then shortly afterwards asked to remove over 10,000 of these. I wrote this to loop through a CSV of the data and remove any matches in the exclusions. This completed in under 5 minutes, whereas manually removing them would have taken him hours. Visit While learning different things, I decided I needed a portfolio website. This is the third iteration of this website. I count this as part of the portfolio due to the amount of HTML and CSS required for website creation, without the use of drag 'n' drop editors. Recently modified to store a lot of things in db rather than pure html. Visit